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Cut & Dressing

CuttingSalon DirectorUnique Premier StylistUnique Stylist
Cut & Finish£49.95£44.95£38.95
Cut & Blast£37.95£32.95£28.95
Dress dry long£37.95£35.95£33.95
Weddings & Special Occasion Hair
Bespoke Packages for in salon and home available.
Please speak to the salon director.
Very long or thick hair will incur a surcharge of £10 on all service


ColourSalon Director/Master Colour ExpertUnique Premier StylistUnique Stylist
Half head highlights/naturalising£50.95£47.95£44.95
Global Colour£47.95£45.95£43.95
Prelighten & toner£53.95£50.95£47.95
Root Perfect £36.95 £34.95£32.95
Enrich Glossing£36.95 £34.95£32.95
Tonal Glossing £15.95 £14.95£13.95
Colour Changeprice on request price on request N/A
Unique Colour service
Highlights / naturalising / combination colour
or full head colour with pieces + aftercare
colour treatment (excluding cut and finish)
All of our salons have a master colour expert available for specialist advice.
Very long or thick hair will incur a surcharge of £10 on all service.
Skin Tests are required on colour treatments 48hours prior to colour treatment.


Hair treatment
Kerastraight Intense Boost
30 Day Treatment Blow Dry
The ultimate hair spa£16.95£16.95£16.95
Nioxin scalp renew treatment£16.95£16.95£16.95
Care treatments
Colour, Hydrating, Volume, Repair & Luxe Oil
Permanent wavingSalon DirectorUnique Premier StylistUnique Stylist
Creative curlfrom £65.95from £62.95from £60.95


Salon DirectorUnique Premier StylistUnique Stylist
Cut & Finish£28.95£26.95£24.95
Mens head shave£14.95£13.95£12.95
Hair Colouring
Half head highlights/naturalising£41.95£39.95£37.95
Global Colour£33.95£32.95£31.95

Children & Young Students

ChildrenSalon DirectorUnique Premier StylistUnique Stylist
Aged 1-7 spray cutN/A£8.95£7.95
Aged 7-13 cut & blast
Young students Aged 14-19
Cut, style & finish£32.95£28.95£26.95
Cut & blastN/A £20.95£18.95
Monday to Friday Only,
otherwise Saturdays 10% off Full Price Menu.