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Long Hair Care Terms & Conditions

Unique Long Hair Care Service Plan

Terms and Conditions

  • Our Long Hair Care Service Plans are available to clients with long hair ie below shoulder length.
  • By signing up to the service plan you are becoming a Long Hair Care Service Plan Club Member.
  • Payment for the Long Hair Care Service Plan will be collected via standing order on a monthly basis. This is an annual agreement with 12 monthly payments.
  • Payments will be taking on the payment dates stated in the standing order.
  • Long Hair Care Service Plan appointments can be made following the first payment being received by Unique.
  • The Services provided under the Long Hair Care Service Plan are to be used solely for the individual named in the agreement. Services are not transferrable to any other individual.
  • At the end of the 12 month agreement there will be an option to renew, amend or terminate your Service Plan.
  • Long Hair Service Plan Club Members will be notified of planned revisions to prices, in writing, one month prior to the anniversary of their agreement.


Clients may take appointments subject to availability.  Long Hair Service Plan Club Members are recommended to make appointments or multiple appointments in advance.

 Home Care Products

Two Home Care products will be provided on commencement of the Service Plan. Two further Home Care products will be provided after the 4th month of the Service Plan.

Home Care Products provided are System Professional shampoo and conditioner (250ml bottles). All other products and ranges are excluded.


Treatments in the service plan are System Professional mask or emulation treatments. All other treatments are excluded from the service plan.

Bespoke Colour is full head of highlights, full head colour toner glossing, half head highlights, balayage/ombra or express roots.

The Long Hair Service Plan Club Member must only use the level of stylist as shown in the banding specified in their Plan Contract.

Extensions to Membership

If the long hair member wishes to add services to their Plan, then a discount will also apply to these services.